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Different Types of windows used in House

Windows is an essential component for any house. It provide the natural environment, air passes and visual ability from both the side of walls.

Their are many types of windows used in house construction, which can be categories in different types of material, types of location and types of uses.

The most common Types of Windows are listed below:

  • Fixed windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Dormer windows
  • Sky windows
  • Ventilator
  • Pivot windows
  • Louvered windows
  • Bay windows
  • Corner windows
  • Clear Story windows
  • Double Hung windows

Fix Windows

Fix type of window is used at a place where light and visualization is necessary and no requirement of air or diverted air.

types of windows in house construction civil panel
Fixed types of windows

This types of window is most commonly used in the store front or any large hall .

Sliding windows:

As name indicating the sliding window is similar to the sliding doors. which can be slides in horizontal or vertical direction. Most commonly half part is divided and able to slide.

types of windows in house construction civil panel
Sliding types of windows

The most common practice is horizontal sliding windows in house or showroom. You can easily see the vertical sliding window in bus or vehicle sides.

Casement Windows:

Casement window is openable window like door. This type of window is most commonly used nowadays. The whole frame is divided into number of small panels. most commonly two or three parts into horizontal.

The frame of window is usually made by wooden or aluminium. Panes of window is filled with the help of glass panes.

Sash windows:

This is the safety modification of casement window. It includes the crossing of sash rod and jali as per protection purpose. The window is no more operable from both side due to obstacle of jali.

Awning Window:

Awning is a similar to tent ( तिरपाल ). As we know the tent is used to protect from rain and sunlight.

types of windows
awning types of window

Here awning window is attached on the top and bottom part is openable outside

Dormer Windows:

Dormer windows are provided on the sloping roof to facilitate ventilation and light source.

types of windows in dormer window

Sky windows:

As name suggest the sky window is place with the roof for natural light source and exhaust of gas from room.


types of windows

ventilator are provide over the windows or door to exhaust the gas. Their may be exhaust fan or not. This is generally large in width and small in height. For the design consideration, the width of ventilator remain same as door or window.

Pivot windows:

Window which rotate about an axis is known as pivot window. The axis may be vertical or horizontal.

Generally this have two parts, both opens simultaneously. one open inward and other outward.

Louvered windows:

This window is similar to louvered door in classic pattern. We cant see this type of window nowadays.

Louvered window consist of similar patter of small parts. All the louvered is joined with a middle hinge. we can easily tilt as per our requirement by tilting cord.

The main purpose of louvered windows to stop vision without affecting ventilator. This window is generally used in bathroom, cooler front and many other private places.

Bay windows:

This type of windows are projected outward from main wall, which looks like bay structure is called bay windows.

The projection of bay window outward increase the beauty of house and also increase the internal area of room and facilitate more window portion which enhance the goodness of room.

Corner windows:

Corner window is any window but fixed on a corner of house. or where two walls are meeting is known as corner window.

Clear Story window:

If the story height is more then the top most window above the lintel level is known as clear story windows. You can see many time this name in govt tender and BOQ.

Double Hung window:

Double hung window is one above the other window.

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