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Types of Building Maintenance Activities for Durability of Building Structures

For long-lasting building constructions, various sorts of building maintenance work are carried out. These unique treatments for building maintenance are explored. Proper building care ensures that the structure remains in good condition. At regular intervals, treatments such as whitewashing or painting must be performed. Certain treatments, whether big or minor, are need to be performed on a regular basis to ensure the building’s long-term viability.Building performance and services are required not just in the early stages of construction, but also throughout the building’s expected lifespan. Which necessitates routine maintenance.”Prevention is better than cure,” according to the saying. “Maintenance is better than cure,” we may say here.

Types of Building Maintenance Works in Daily Routine

In order to avoid some extreme difficulties in the facility, certain vital daily maintenance is required. The following are a few of them: Walls and floors must be cleaned. To avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust, proper cleaning of walls and floors should be done at least once a day (depending on the dirt exposure). If the building is painted with washable paint, it must also be cleaned with water.Window and glass panel cleaning Certain cleaning solvents can be used on glass and woods without affecting the quality of the wood. This makes it easier to keep the glass and wood clean for a long period.sanitising washrooms and toilets Water closets must be cleaned for a variety of reasons, including hygiene and proper upkeep.Environmental Remediation The surrounding environment, as well as the utilities.

Special Treatments in Building Maintenance

For building maintenance, certain treatments in certain locations must be performed on a regular basis. The following are a few of them: Projection of the Plinth The building’s projection of the plinth area needs to be cleaned. The dust that has accumulated in this location has caused moisture. Ventilators Cleaning the ventilators in the ceiling areas should be done on a regular basis to avoid dirt accumulation. Cleaning on a regular basis will assist you avoid the most difficult stages of the cleaning process.Washing in white or colour After 1 to 2 years, the walls should be given a fresh coat of whitewashing or colour washing. This is mostly determined by the building’s exposure to the elements and other factors. Using oil paints will help you save money on maintenance for the next 6 to 8 years.

Doors and windows require regular maintenance.It is recommended that the windows and door be painted every four years. This period is determined by the cleaning and usage. If the doors and windows are making a lot of noise, the hinges should be lubricated. Metal grills and utilities require regular maintenance.Shutters and painted grills must be cleaned on a regular basis. This will aid in the prevention of rusting. If any rust is discovered, it must be fully removed with no trace and repainted.

Floor Treatment and maintenance

The way a floor is treated is mostly determined by the type of floor that has been laid. The floor, which is made of marble and is polluted by grease stains, is cleaned with the help of chalk dust and acetone paste. This paste is applied overnight and then washed with a sponge the next day.Organic stains on the marble floor, such as food liquids, are cleansed with a paste of chalk dust and hydrogen peroxide. This paste can be used to remove rust stains from a floor.With the help of hydrated lime powder and marble dust, oil and grease are removed from terrazzo floors. Or the use of benzyl or clear gasoline for writing.

Polishing the PVC floors on a regular basis will improve their appearance. Linoleum floors contain white kerosene oil, which aids in filth removal. Systems for Transporting Water Sumps and overhead water tanks, which must be completely sanitary because they are intended to store water, must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Supply lines

This time frame must not exceed three months. Root Issues with Trees The building substructure is harmed by tree roots that grow in a lateral manner. These plants absorb the moisture from the building’s underground, causing fissures in the structure’s walls. Now, the trees that are causing the problem must be removed as soon as possible. If there are fully grown trees on the property, we must dig trenches along the property’s walls.

Water supply line leaks can be avoided with careful inspection.Leaks in sewer lines and rainfall pipelines must be repaired as soon as possible. These must be opened and cleaned before being reassembled.Services related to electricity Regular inspections of electrical cables, connected wires, and switches are required.

Routine Maintenance:

To keep the structure functional and safeguard it from early disintegration, it must be maintained on a regular basis. A structure is made up of various parts that are placed in various locations and are composed of various materials. All of these are prone to natural degradation as a result of ageing. During the design process, the members’ lives are assumed to be routine maintenance. A timber member, for example, is assumed to be painted at regular intervals.

According to this projection, timber will lose 40% of its strength in 5 decades. Now, if the timber is not maintained, i.e., surface painting is not renewed, the timber component will show signs of disintegration early and its strength after 5 decades will be much lower than expected. Cleaning, servicing, oiling, and greasing are all part of routine maintenance.


Your location of business is a long-lasting construction. Regular maintenance can help you keep things functioning properly so you don’t waste time and money later on as the building becomes older.The four most prevalent forms of building repair and maintenance services are listed below:Building Repair and Maintenance on a Regular Basis To look their best, maintain a safe environment, and serve their intended function, work facilities require some maintenance. Regular inspections are conducted by building repair workers to identify areas that require attention, and then the jobs are completed.Building maintenance and repair should be done on a regular basis.


Property owners and managers owe it to building tenants to provide them with pleasant living and working surroundings. Most people, on the other hand, pay little attention to the effort that goes on behind the scenes to achieve these expectations. Maintenance crews inspect, fix, and replace equipment parts on a regular basis to keep assets working. To ensure sustained operations, personnel may sweep snow from walkways, change HVAC filters, and perform preventive maintenance (PM) activities on any given day. When occupants discover a plumbing problem, though, maintenance takes precedence. Maintenance is “out of sight, out of mind” until anything goes wrong, in other words. As a result, the best maintenance teams go mostly unseen since proactive maintenance prevents severe malfunctions, inconveniences, and safety issues that renters may not notice.Of course, construction is a must.

Types of Building Maintenance

The majority of building upkeep can be divided into three categories: Routine Maintenance: These are tasks that are performed on a regular basis to protect a structure from decay and maintain its operation. Routine maintenance chores can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Cleaning, waste collection, hinge lubrication, utility system check, repainting, and weeding are among them.Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance operations protect the structure of the building by preventing harm. They contribute to the structure’s long-term stability. PM also incorporates long-term preventive measures during the design and construction of the structure to survive storms, floods, and other natural disasters. Corrective Maintenance: These are efforts aimed at restoring a building’s functionality and comfort. Managers must have a corrective maintenance strategy in place because it is difficult to keep everything in working order.

What are types of building maintenance?

Maintenance that is pre-planned. Every company should have a maintenance plan in place.Corrective Maintenance is a term used to describe the process of repairing When something breaks and needs to be repaired or replaced, corrective maintenance is performed.

What are included in building maintenance?

Routine maintenance includes cleaning, servicing, oiling, greasing, renewal of plastering, painting walls, painting woodworks

What are the maintenance activities?

Maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication, minor adjustments, and so on.

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