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Two-bedroom Modern House Plan

At the request of all those who want to know more and more modern house designs, today we have decided to share this beautiful Blue World City modern house plan with two bedrooms on one floor.

If you accompany us to go through this two-bedroom house model in detail, you will soon see how simple it can be to distribute a two-bedroom house on one floor if you take into account a series of basic questions.


In this particular design, the construction of a closed garage is not foreseen. On the contrary, enough space will be left on the left side to protect two vehicles in line on the ground but reducing construction costs by leaving this surface uncovered. What will be done to improve comfort in this area is to build a solid base, either in cement pavers or by building a concrete slab strong enough to withstand vehicle traffic in this sector.

Observing the facade, we see that although it is a small house, its finishes are very attractive and modern. Not only the openings but also the materials chosen for the finish of the facade give it this striking imprint.


Something that we cannot fail to mention in this design is the corner window that extends from the ground level to the ceiling level and that will bring a lot of light to the living room.

In addition, this house provides for the construction of a modern gallery on the main front.

Without further delay, we invite you to discover the way in which your environments will be distributed inside.


two-bedroom house can be designed in the following way: its main entrance will be located in the central area under this porch – a gallery that will give a very nice space in the front area. The left side will be reserved for the two rooms, while the right side will be used for the construction of an open space where the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be located. In the rear central area, the complete bathroom with natural ventilation will be built, and from the kitchen, we will be able to access the service area (laundry room) located in the back of this simple house.

As we can see, this is a small two-bedroom house ideal for small families, couples, grandparents, and other types of people.

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