Retrofitting of Building and methods of retrofitting in masonry building

retrofitting of building and types of retrofitting~1

Masonry structure are widely used to its low cost and easy construction specially in developing country. By retrofitting of building we ensure the stability and earthquake resistance houses. Explain the various method of retrofitting in the masonry buildings Retrofitting of Building: Due to weak structure, every year many casualty happen due to collapsing house or … Read more

Bar bending schedule for Beam | BEAM BBS

Bar bending schedule for beam is the arrangement of bar as per length and diameter of bar. The structural drawing of reinforced beam is prepared as per design load of the structure and it should follow the standard code of practice in respective country like IS 456 for India. For preparation of bar bending schedule … Read more

Development Length of Reinforcement Bar in Compression and Tension Member


Development Length of steel Reinforcement Bar Development lenth is the length of the bar which is used to transfer the stress of steel into concrete. This is mainly bend or hook length in case of beam and column, i.e. tension and compression member respectively. Development Length is denoted by Ld   Ld = (Nominal dia … Read more

Concrete Mix Design Steps IS 456:2000

Concrete Mix Design Steps according to IS 456:2000 1. Target mean strenth fck’= fck+1.65s table 8 is456:2000 2. Selection of water cement ratio table 5 is 456:2000 3. Selection of water content table 2.. 186ltr super plasticiser reduce 20% water content 4. Calculation of cement content cement content= water content/ water cement ratio 5. Volume … Read more

Different types of VIBRATORS and their application in construction works

What is concrete Vibrator ? The vibrator is a mechanical device which is used to compact the freshly placed concrete by vibration.   The vibrations cause the mixture to liquefy, reducing the internal friction of the mix components of cement, aggregate, and water. vibration of concrete is important to achieve consolidation of the concrete mix which … Read more

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Calculation in Excel Sheet- Download BBS Steel, Brick and Earthwork

BBS in Excel Sheet

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS in Excel) The bar bending schedule calculation (BBS in Excel) is the most important part of steel calculation.   Bar Bending Schedule is a list of bar according to the drawing of any structure or element. It includes the cutting and bending length of bar according to bar diameter. For any … Read more

Design of Staircase according to IS 456:2000

Design of staircase General Guidelines For Design of staircase: The following are some of the general guidelines to be considered while Design of staircase: • The respective dimensions of tread and riser for all the parallel steps should be the same in consecutive floor of a building. • The minimum vertical headroom above any step … Read more