Bar bending schedule for Beam | BEAM BBS

Bar bending schedule for beam is the arrangement of bar as per length and diameter of bar. The structural drawing of reinforced beam is prepared as per design load of the structure and it should follow the standard code of practice in respective country like IS 456 for India. For preparation of bar bending schedule … Read more

Cost to Build a House – Building Estimate

Cost to build a house is main thinking when you want to build your house. Estimation of Building is important because it gives the approximate similar value as per execution of construction work. General estimated value and cost to build a house depends upon different factors: Size of plot and plinth area. Type of material … Read more

Cost per sq ft Concrete Slab in India – Estimation Exclusive

cost per sq ft concrete slab

We have to find out the cost per sq ft concrete slab in India For every new construction work, we needs to estimate the value of cost per sq ft concrete slab, column, footing, beam, wall and finishing work like plaster, paint, putty POP etc of construction so that every work and management done. Let … Read more



TENDER PROCESS STEPS (How to search tenders) Tender Process steps and how to search tenders: Searching of tender is not very difficult in this digital world, because all the process gone online nowadays. So we can easily find the tenders on our mobile or computer at home or office. For this you need to go … Read more

Measurement Book Civil Engineering | Abstract Book

Measurement BOOK Civil Engineering

Measurement Book (MB) Civil Engineering Measurement book in Civil engineering is a book used by any department or agency of construction site, to record the work done by the contractor with all the direction, dimension and quantity with date of execution of work. Measurement book is generally used by Junior Engineer or Assistant Engineer, who … Read more

Discuss and differentiate line organisation and staff organisation

Management of any organisation is managed by professional employee, who are responsible for any decision taking process to take a good turn and give the better progress. In any organisation, there are two types of relationship among all the employee and staff, who are committed. Line Organisation Staff Organisation LINE ORGANISATION: The line organisation is … Read more

Differentiate resource levelling and resource smoothing

Resource levelling and resource smoothing is most important part of project management, because it gives the exact standard of project with available resource of any company to handle the project and give the progress on time. Resource Levelling: Resource levelling is the Technic used to determine the total finish time of project with available resource. … Read more