Cement vs Concrete Different Test, Type & Uses

Cement and concrete both are building material used for making good construction everywhere in the world. Concrete is widely used in domestic, commercial, recreational, rural and educational construction Before cement we basically depends upon Lime, which consume lots of energy for preparation for use. Now cement is very much cost effective and available everywhere so … Read more



Stone is commonly used as a building material for better durability, strength and classic look. Nowadays stones are also used for exterior and interior architectural work. Before using any stone in our building we should known the characteristics of good building stone. CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD BUILDING STONES: Crushing strength For a good stone as a … Read more

TYPES OF DOOR with Design

Door is a permissible obstacle for any property line. Different types of door is used in entrance purpose which can be close whenever necessary. Mainly door is attached with wall of rooms and gate is placed at entrance. In the modern house building many types of door is used. The nomenclature of door varies as … Read more


Prestressed Concrete is a type of concrete. In which the stress taking capacity of concrete is increased to overcome the weak property of concrete beam. Generally prestressed concrete is used where beam or slab is in long length. As we know that the concrete undergo compressive stress and reinforcement rebar undergo in tension stress. We … Read more

CEMENT COMPOSITION | Cement Raw Materials -Civil Engineering

CEMENT COMPOSITION - Civil Engineering

CEMENT COMPOSITION Cement composition is the raw material proportion used in the manufacturing of good quality cement comply with IS 8112 : 1998 of 43 grade OPC and IS 469 for 33 grade. Cement Raw Materials Cement production mainly consist of Argillaceous and Calcareous raw Material Argillaceous Materials – silica, alumina and oxides of iron. Calcareous … Read more

Granite Flooring : How to check quality of Natural stone Granite at site

Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring: check quality of Natural stone at site Granite is most used superior quality igneous rock natural stone. Granite is mostly used in flooring purpose for any commercial or public building. Granite come-up with different color like grey, chocolate, red, pink, green and black are common. Check here quality parameter of granite   Patch … Read more