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Store room ideas in house

If you are constructing your new house then its obvious that you are thinking to design of a store room for house and looking for store room ideas in house that suits best as per your house plan.

Best Store room ideas in house

Store room is a very common space available for mix purpose, we use this place for different different work and things and also this doesn’t take any time for organizing the stuff like any other room of house like bedroom, living room.

First of all try to decide a decent area for your store room design in house. like some need more space for store room while other require less. So first we decide how much space we need for store room.

You can approx calculate the thing which will be placed in store room in near as per their occupancy you can decide the ideal store room size.

Then we can adjust length and breath matching with adjacent wall like bathroom wall or bedroom wall. Most commonly we put store room near kitchen or staircase because this is a good option in which we can adjust our space very effectively.

store room ideas in house
House attic with old furniture, cartoon vector background. Attic interior in wooden house with round window under roof, day sunlight on floor and retro furniture with wardrobe, chair, storage boxes

How to arrange a store room?

First you start with long wall as per this you should put large things on it which occupy large space in one direction. You can start with a corner or within the middle area.

Try to put heavy things on the corner side of the storage room, which is not so frequently usable. By this you can organize space of remaining store room.

One wall should kept free from any occupancy and little space in middle of it so you can easily move from one corner to another.

Abstract blur furniture decoration and warehouse store interior for background

Store room design for house

Design of a store room for house can very one person to another but most commonly you can set two sides for furniture placement.

Wall of the store room design can be divided vertically in two or three parts so that we can get more space for low height things.

Different types of store room

There may be a different types of store room instead of a common store room in house.

  • Kitchen store room
  • Living store room
  • Garage store room
  • Trashy or Junk store room

Kitchen store room is very effective with adjacent of kitchen half wall and this can be build with kitchen utility are to organize the space of storage room.

Living room storage can be place below the internal staircase so it looks nice and we get a space of material.

Garage store room is most commonly used when you have car parking space as garage. Mostly used for spare parts of vehicle and machinery used for quick repair of vehicle.

Trashy store room is very effective when you are using old not effective things and don’t want to sell them.

Store room vastu

Location of store room in house as per vastu should be north-west direction.

You can place window of store room in eastern or western direction, while door can be made in any direction of storage room.

Color of store room should be white tint yellowish or blue.

Avoid sleeping in store room as this bad on persons health.

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