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Small Two-storey House, Simple and Beautiful Design Oriented to Easy Maintenance

We will analyze a two-storey house design that stands out for its simple design and easy maintenance. It is built in wood with a metal frame, and it adapts to the times. Two-storey homes are frequently found in New City Paradise . Discover below the Measured Architecture proposal.

Simple and Modern Facade Design

Two-story modern house facade with container structure

Main facade of the house | Photos: Andrew Latreille / Design: Measured Architecture

The house is built entirely of wood with a metal frame. On the outside, it looks simple and modern, with a series of slats placed vertically on the second floor that reminds us of constructions with recycled containers. It has windows with aluminum frames.

Side facade of modern two-story houses

Side view

Neutral colors such as gray and white have been used throughout the façade. This is in keeping with the sense of easy maintenance and practicality that the designers have thought of both in the distribution of environments and in the finishes.

Simple rear facade of a two-story house

Rear facade with terrace and garden

Home Interior Design

Inside the house, we find polished concrete floors both on the first and second levels. The walls and ceilings are covered in white stucco. As a whole, the interior looks spacious and naturally lit.

Wooden stairs top view

The staircase is open, which allows creating a light space between the first and second floor

The walls of the staircase have been covered with natural-tone wood panels that give the interior a touch of warmth.

wooden bookshelf design

Shelving in the social area

bathroom and bedroom design

View of bathroom and children’s bedroom on the second floor

dining room design

Staircase walls have been covered with wood in the form of panels

foyer design

The secondary entrance of the house has a small hall also located near the bathroom in the social area.

Laundry room and hallways of two-story house

Laundry located on the second floor

Living room, kitchen and dining room simple house

Full view of the social area with small recessed ceiling lights and large screened windows at the ends (please see plans)

Plans of the Small Two-storey House

The first floor of the house is social. Upon entering, we find a hall (1) and stairs to the second level, an important detail for people seeking privacy since there is no direct communication with the room from the main entrance.

The living room (2) and kitchen with island (4) occupy the entire right side of the first floor and are illuminated from both the front and back of the house. On this level, we also find a 1/2 bathroom and a small space for children’s games (3).

There is an open lateral circulation on the left side that allows access to the garden and rear terrace; As the main rooms of the house are illuminated both from the front and back, this house could be located on lots of land.

On the second floor, three bedrooms have been designed. The main one (11) has a bathroom and a large walk-in closet (12), and the children’s rooms (7 and 8) share a bathroom (9); on this level, there is the laundry (10) located downtown for better service.

Again on the second floor, we can see that the rooms are lit naturally by front and rear windows. High windows have been designed for the walk-in closet, laundry room, and bathroom. We believe that according to the plot of land, this last environment can have a ventilation duct through the roof.

Two Story House Plans

On the left plan of the first floor on the right plan of the second level (click to enlarge)

Two-story house facade plan
Colors applied to two-story house facade
modern two story house design

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