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Cost to Build a House – Building Estimate

Cost to build a house is main thinking when you want to build your house. Estimation of Building is important because it gives the approximate similar value as per execution of construction work.

General estimated value and cost to build a house depends upon different factors:

  • Size of plot and plinth area.
  • Type of material uses like cement, sand, brick, steel, aggregate, fiber, plastic, timber etc.
  • location and nearby presence of material and labour.
  • Present market value of material and worker.
  • Time of completion of building construction work.
  • Contractor own the machinery and important useful items – if contractor have sufficient machinery which will be used in construction work, then time and money will be saved so efficiency of work will be better.

Every house plans have different approach so the estimation and cost to build a house is different.

Methods of Estimation of Building:

The estimation of building is done by using a suitable method like center line method or long and short wall method. The methods are suitable in different conditions.

center line is more suitable in closed body estimation eg circular, rectangular and long wall short wall is overall approach for for individual estimation.

Here We took a small example by which you can easily understand the logic and you can easily find out your cost to build a house.


For the general estimate we have to check the standard of level used for different structural member. like size and height of footing, wall, gate, slab and all the material and basic scheduled rate of all the items.

cost to build a house civil engineering panel

As in the above image, we can easily find the material requirement to build a house. Here all the items are listed from bottom to top like PCC, foundation, flooring, door and window, lintel beam size, slab detailing, roofing and parapet etc.

From long wall and short wall method, we get the length of wall is 66.00 metres.

Excavationcumec66.00×0.60×0.75 = 27.721905266.8
FOUNDATION Foundationcumec66.00X0.46X0.6218.82326561447.3
Filling (if any)cumec00610
Superstructure Brickcumec66.00×0.23×3.25 – gate deduct44.353518156023.3
Half Brick MasonrySqm17.8317.834187452.94
Lintel RCC 1:1.5:3cumec66.00×0.23×0.203.04508015443.2
Slab M20 1:1.5:3cumec14.00×8.50×0.1517.85508090678
PlasterSqmBoth surface- Gate deduct476.1212659991.12
3 DOOR 4’X7′Sqm3×1.22×2.147.83206016129.8
2 DOOR 3’X7′Sqm2×0.92×2.143.9420608116.4
5 WINDOW 3’X4′Sqm5×0.92×1.225.5714768221.32
2 DOOR 2.5’X7′Sqm2×0.75×2.143.2114764737.96
TOTAL = says 7 lacs697245.96

So the total cost of the house is approx seven lakhs.

The measured items are changed according to house plan. House plan is depend on Vastu Shastra in India.

Base rate BSR is changed as per location and market value.


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