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Granite Flooring : How to check quality of Natural stone Granite at site

Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring: check quality of Natural stone at site

Granite is most used superior quality igneous rock natural stone.

Granite is mostly used in flooring purpose for any commercial or public building.

Granite come-up with different color like grey, chocolate, red, pink, green and black are common.

Check here quality parameter of granite


  • Patch on Surface

  • if their is any patches on surface of Vern, cracks, deep pin holes on the surface. These signify a weak slab and will cause problem.
  • Color

  • We could not find same color of any natural stone, but the main point is that we should select similar color, so our flooring looks good.
  • If there is any mismatching in color then Meson and labour should place it in any design form or they select the stone slab according to color and place similar one at one place.
  • Porosity

  • Porosity of slab should less, because it reduces the lifetime of natural stone.
  • Take lemon juice and place some drops on the top of granite slab, if it get absorbed very quickly then granite having more porous.
  • If absorption is less the it having less void in its structure so it can more withstand ability to weathering so lifetime is more.
  • Polish Quality

  • For similar shade, polishing is done nowadays, but it should last long.
  • Scrape the surface of top of slab with metallic material if it leaves the scratches on slab then the polish is low quality. So the color should not withstand on daily uses.
  • Rubbing the slab with the cloth dipped in kerosene or petrol, if color come up with cloth then this is poor quality of polish.
  • Thickness

  • If thickness is more the quality and lifetime of any stone slab is more.
  • For any purpose, the thickness of granite should near to 25 mm.
  • heavy demand can cause the thickness, the supplier gives 18-20 mm thickness which is also acceptable nowadays.


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