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False Ceiling? Best POP or Gypsum Board False Ceiling

False Ceiling Civil Engineering

False Ceiling

The decoration of ceiling for good looking purpose and eye catching architectural view is known as false ceiling.

This is also known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling because it done in the below of main ceiling.

Different types of False Ceiling

False ceiling is mainly categories into these types

  1. POP (Plaster of Paris) Ceiling
  2. Gypsum Board
  3. Wooden False Ceiling
  4. Metal (Aluminium, Brass) False Ceiling
  5. 3D Wallpaper or Texture (Acrylic Paints) on ceiling
  6. Glass ceiling
  7. Grid ceiling

Difference Between POP and Gypsum Board False ceiling

  • POP is the powder state of Gypsum and Gypsum board is the harden solid board of Gypsum
  • POP is more durable than gypsum board.
  • Gypsum Board is used in straight are covering purpose whereas POP is in powder form so it can be used as a joint filling, void filling and making moulding & Cornish to decorate modern design.
  • POP is time consuming process whereas Gypsum board takes less time in installation.
  • In POP false ceiling, wastage of material is more than Gypsum Board.
  • Both require skill meson but in case of POP it is more advisable.
  • POP will fall down immediately if their is any leakage in roof.
  • POP false ceiling is Costly (90-120 rupees per square feet) than Gypsum Board (40-60 rupees per square feet)
  • You should always go for POP if you have budget.


Where to use

Mostly it is popular in corporate offices, hotel and nowadays it also increasing in houses.

Benefit of False Ceiling

  • Give decent and modern look
  • Lightning give a pleasure look to ceiling
  • It reduces the total height of room ceiling so air condition easily and quickly which reduces the electricity bill
  • It provides thermal insulation because it increases the total gap between original slab and false ceiling
  • It hides all the wiring, pipe and duct on ceiling and give a clean look
  • It helps in sound insulation or noise reduction

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