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TYPES OF DOOR with Design

Door is a permissible obstacle for any property line. Different types of door is used in entrance purpose which can be close whenever necessary. Mainly door is attached with wall of rooms and gate is placed at entrance.

In the modern house building many types of door is used. The nomenclature of door varies as per location and department. Here we classify the type of door on the basis of material and basic engineering design.


1. Frame and Panel Door:

This types of door are most commonly used in buildings. As name indicating the frame and panel door consist of a hard frame of wooden or aluminium material and the internal space of frame is known by panel or panes.

types of door for house
types of door
  • This types of door is more decorative and strong enough. You can design any decorative item on it.
  • Frame is made of wood or steel and panel is made by wooden timber, glass, plywood and steel.
  • You can see this door in modern as well as in traditional building and haveli.
  • Because of more decoration item and hard wood, this door is more costlier than any other type of door.


Flush is the plain door, the door which have flat surface without any bevel or extrusion. This also have a outer frame with same thickness like internal plywood of door.

types of door
types of door
  • You can decorate the face of flush door as per your desire by using laminate sheet or varnishes.
  • The use of flush door is increasing day by day due to low cost, light weight and easy handling.
  • This is used in interior rooms, bathroom gate and sometime exterior also.
  • Cost of flush door with 3×7 feet in size with 25mm, 30mm and 35mm thickness is varies from 2000 to 5000 indian rupees.


Battened and ledges door are combination of vertical and horizontal wooden strips known as batten and ledges respectively.

types of wood civil engineering
  • The strength of door is mainly depend upon which type of wood is used and the combination and fitting of batten and ledges. Steel pins are used approx 2 to 3 inches for fixing and attachment of all the member.
  • This door is used at less important places, which have limited and small entrance like garden bypass or any other public places like toilet etc.
  • Generally batten have a width of 100-150mm and thickness of 20-30mm and ledges have 100-200mm width and 25-30mm thickness.


This is the improvement of battened and ledges door. Due to weakness of battened and ledged door in large entry, extra bracing is also provided is known as battened, ledged and braced door.


This is any type of door but the division of frame indicates the leaf shutter.

If the door is divided into two parts is known as double leaf shutter door and if only one single part is available is known as single leaf door.

types of door civil engineering panel
image source: Indiamart.com

Single leaf door is most commonly used door whose one side is hinged on post/jamb and other is openable. whereas in double leaf shutter the door is hinged on both the post of door and they have a meeting hing to close the door.

6. Aluminium Door:

This door is categories as per the aluminium material used in the door manufacturing. This is light in weight and costlier and looks good.

  • This type of door is used where wooden material is restricted like bathroom toilet.
  • This door is not affected by water, termites and low temperature variations.
  • This have limitation in decoration and remain simple.

7. Glass DOOR:

Glass is very useful material which provide light source and eliminate dust and have air tight.

8. PVC DOOR: Made by PVC material

9. FIBERGLASS DOOR: The door which made of fiberglass.

10. Steel Door type:

Steel type of door is mostly used for external gate purpose. The less decorative internal door also made with steel. It provides better security with hard core thickness.

11. Sliding Door: the door which slides horizontal or vertical

12. Pivot Door:

similar to pivot Windows, the door can rotate about vertical axis. Many garden door have this type of doors.


Rolling shutter is used in shop which rolls upward to open and downward for closing.

14. Channel Gate types of door:

The gate made of steel collapsible channels. The gate is most commonly used at the gate of society, bank gate and places where security & opening reflects.

15. Louvered DOOR:

Louvered Door can be made of multiple strips combined with vertical hinge.

16. Swing Door:

The door is tightly hinged with door frame and other side is openable in both the side of inner and outward.

There are many other different types of doors that are used in various applications. Some common types of doors include:

  1. Hinged doors: These are the most common type of doors and are attached to the frame by hinges. They can swing open in one direction or be designed to swing in both directions.
  2. Sliding doors: These doors move horizontally on tracks and are often used in areas where space is limited or where a hinged door would be in the way.
  3. French doors: These doors consist of a pair of hinged doors that open in the middle, with each door typically swinging in the opposite direction.
  4. Pocket doors: These doors slide into a pocket in the wall, which helps to save space.
  5. Bi-fold doors: These doors consist of a series of hinged panels that fold together when opened.
  6. Barn doors: These doors slide on a track and are often used in rustic or industrial settings.
  7. Pocket doors: These doors slide into a pocket in the wall, which helps to save space.
  8. Louvered doors: These doors have slats or “louvers” that allow air to flow through while still providing privacy.

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