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Differentiate resource levelling and resource smoothing

Resource levelling and resource smoothing is most important part of project management, because it gives the exact standard of project with available resource of any company to handle the project and give the progress on time.

Resource Levelling:

  • Resource levelling is the Technic used to determine the total finish time of project with available resource.
  • The total time of project is changed according to utilization of resource.
  • Total critical also change according to situation.


Resource Smoothing:

  • Resource smoothing is the Technic used for utilization of resource within given time.
  • The total finish time cannot changed
  • The critical path time cannot be changed
  • It allow shifting of any resource if their is no float within activity
  • So we get maximum output within limited resource.

Example of Resource Smoothing

  • Lets take a project of 10 days
  • we require 50 meson within 10 days
  • On first four days we require 3 meson each days
  • on the fifth and sixth day we require 8 meson per day
  • but the work of fifth and sixth days is not infected by first four day
  • so we can manage five meson per day for all six days
  • in this process no time is affected and no critical path is affected but we have five meson and we use all of them so this is called resource smoothing



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