TYPES OF DOOR with Design

Door is a permissible obstacle for any property line. Different types of door is used in entrance purpose which can be close whenever necessary. Mainly door is attached with wall of rooms and gate is placed at entrance. In the modern house building many types of door is used. The nomenclature of door varies as … Read more

Different Types of windows used in House

Windows is an essential component for any house. It provide the natural environment, air passes and visual ability from both the side of walls. Their are many types of windows used in house construction, which can be categories in different types of material, types of location and types of uses. The most common Types of … Read more

Vastu Shastra for House | घर का नक्शा वास्तु के हिसाब से

vastu shastra house plan

Vastu Shastra: वास्तु शास्त्र भारत में अपनाये जाने वाली धार्मिक परंपरा है जिसके तहत लोग अपना घर बनवाते है | वास्तु में कहा ये जाता है की अगर आप वास्तु के हिसाब से घर का नक्शा (House Plan) बनाते हो तो आप पर परमात्मा की कृपा हमेशां बनी रहेगी और आपके घर में सुख समर्धि … Read more