Cement vs Concrete Different Test, Type & Uses

Cement and concrete both are building material used for making good construction everywhere in the world. Concrete is widely used in domestic, commercial, recreational, rural and educational construction Before cement we basically depends upon Lime, which consume lots of energy for preparation for use. Now cement is very much cost effective and available everywhere so … Read more

बीम और लेंटर एक साथ डालने से ढह सकती है सेटरिंग

सेटरिंग formwork failure reason

कल कुम्भ मेले के लिए बन रहे हेलिपैड का लेंटर गिर गया था  | एक साथ बीम और लेंटर भरना बताया जा रहा है मुख्य कारण  | समय की कमी की वजह से एकसाथ डाले जा रहे थे बीम और लेंटर | जानकारी के मुताबित कुम्भ मेले में VIP हेलिपैड बनाया जा रहा है जिसमे … Read more


Prestressed Concrete is a type of concrete. In which the stress taking capacity of concrete is increased to overcome the weak property of concrete beam. Generally prestressed concrete is used where beam or slab is in long length. As we know that the concrete undergo compressive stress and reinforcement rebar undergo in tension stress. We … Read more