Building materials and Construction

What are the normal brick’s dimensions?What do thin shell roofs entail? Why are they gaining in popularity?What are the various types of retaining walls?

Structural Analysis

What is the difference between buckling and crippling loads?Slenderness ratio is a term that has been defined. What impact does it have on compression member design?What does “specific yield” and “specific retention” mean?Shear force and BM graphs for several sorts of beam loadings

Mechanics of structures

Distinguish between bending and twisting moments.Make a distinction between mild steel and HYSD bars.Distinguish between proof resilience and resilience modulus.What does strain energy imply?

Fluid Mechanics

What is a spillway, exactly?

What exactly is the total energy line?

What is a flow net, exactly?

Discuss its applications.Why isn’t a venturimeter widely used in homes to measure discharge?

What is the definition of a critical hydraulic gradient?

Distinguish between a weir, a notch, and a barrage.

Geotechnical Engineering

What is the definition of geosynthetics?

Mention its uses in the realm of civil engineering.

What does 80/100 bitumen mean to you?Which is more common: bitumen or tar? Why?

What measures should be followed when building on swampy ground?

What is the relationship between the weight of a submerged unit and the weight of the submerged unit?

What are the various types of foundations used for various soils?What is differential settlement, and how does it work?

In soil engineering, discuss the significance of Attenbug’s limits.Distinguish between soil activity and sensitivity.

Define the terms “soil stabilisation” and “ground improvement.”

What is the difference between a machine foundation and a regular foundation?

What is the long-term option for the rehabilitation of Pisa’s leaning tower?

Reinforced Concrete Structures

What is pre-stressed concrete, and how does it work? What are the components? What does 53 in 53-grade cement mean?How do you create a 25-story structure with no columns?

What are the loads that must be taken into account when designing bridges?

Distinguish between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning techniques.

What is a cantilever beam’s L/D ratio?The Idukki dam is a type of dam. Give specifics about it, as well as its peculiarities.

Transportation Engineering

What exactly is camber?

What is cutback bitumen, and how does it work? What are the benefits of using it?Make a C.S. of a permanent route.IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

Define angularity number and explain how to use it.

What ballast material would you recommend for a high-speed track? Why?What is the typical width of a single lane and a two-lane highway?

Environmental Engineering

Differentiate between slow and fast sand filters.

What is hyper chlorination, and how does it work?

What exactly is a canopy?

Distinguish between BOD and COD.Construction Technology and Advanced Construction

What exactly is batching? Make a distinction between batching by volume and batching by weight.

What is the process of underwater concreting?

What forces are at work during undersea construction?

What does the number 20 in M20 mix concrete mean?

Engineering Geology

What is littoral drift, and what causes it?

Recognize the differences between faults and folds.


How do you level a theodolite?

What are the benefits of using an electronic theodolite instead of a transit theodolite?

Give the standard chain lengths used in surveying.What is a benchmark, exactly? What are the many types?

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