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Civil Engineering Apps for Android, Windows, ios and Mac

Civil Engineering Apps

Best Civil Engineering Software For Windows and Mac


  • Basic and most common software for all the Civil Engineer developed by Autodesk Company.
  • AutoCad is used for the basic drafting purrpose like plan making and typical sketch making.
  • It is also used for 3D modelling and animation.
  • It includes material library and material editor for any 3D model.
  • It is more accurate in dimension and command used is very clear.
  • It is not so good for 3D, because it takes lots of time in 3D modelling compare to other software in market.
  • Download Here


  • Revit is BIM Modelling software developed by Autodesk Company.
  • It is used by architect and civil engineer for 3d modelling of any home, apartment, Bungalow and Office.
  • It gives the basic schedule of quantity.
  • Predefined 3D model or Family also present and we can also download predefined model from Google.
  • It also includes 3D rendering and 3D animation.
  • It have a predefined Autodesk’s material library, which is very useful.
  • Download HERE


  • It is all about civil engineering, developed by Autodesk
  • This app is used for contouring and survey data.
  • It is fully compatible with Total Station survey data manipulation.
  • It is also used for landscaping and highways design.
  • Download HERE

3DS Max

  • This is best 3D modelling and Rendering software developed by Autodesk Company.
  • Civil Engineer and Architect use this software for Rendering and Animation purpose.
  • It have a brilliant quality of V-Ray Render program
  • Download HERE


  • It is a designing software, developed by Bentley Inc.
  • It have capacity to design and analysis of Slab, Beam, Column, Retaining wall, Dome etc or complete building.
  • It use standard code of specific region for designing purpose like IS 456 etc.
  • It also includes the staad foundation for footing design.
  • Download HERE


  • It is also a designing software, used for design of any frame and retaining structure of concrete and steel or masonry.
  • The user interface of ETABS is user friendly than staad pro.
  • But it doesn’t includes the foundation design.
  • Download HERE

SAP 2000

  • If you use ETABS for design purpose then the foundation is designed in SAP 2000.
  • It is also related with ETABS.

Android Application for Civil Engineer

Civil Sutra

  • It is android based application developed by Himanshu Dhingia for education purpose.
  • Site engineer use this for quick calculation of material (Concrete, Brick Masonry, Plaster, cement mortar and Paints, tools like unit converter in length, area and volume, Design of structure and load calculator.
  • It is very good for any civil site engineer and for supervisor.
  • Download HERE

Civil Engineering Basic

  • Basic Definition and general of civil engineering.
  • It contains good quality of basic articles.
  • Download HERE


  • App is used to design RCC slab one way or two way according to IS 456
  • RCC Design and detailing could be performed for ten different boundary conditions
    • Option to save the design projects in local storage.
    • Detailed calculation steps presented for verification.
  • Download HERE

Gate Calculator

  • This calculator program is related with the virtual calculator used in gate examination
  • Take a trial and experience the hardness of gate exam calculation.
  • The gate aspirants must know this program if they don’t have any computer program or mock test.
  • Download HERE

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