3 Bedroom House Plans with photos

3 Bedroom house plans is most commonly used in newly constructing house for a small family. Because 3 bedroom house plans doesn’t require large plot size and economically possible for every family to build .

For better understanding 3 bedroom house plan. lets take a clear scenario.


Here house plan includes the 3 bedroom which includes

  1. Master bedroom
  2. Children Room or medium bedroom
  3. Guest room
3 bedroom house plans
3 bedroom house plans

Here in above image you can clearly see the bedroom.

  1. The upper first corner bedroom is master bedroom. It is always in the south west corner as per vastu shastra.
  2. The attached room is for general purpose like children bedroom or extra room.
  3. and the front bedroom is for guest. i.e. guest room, because guest is always preferred to remain outer from main hall which is commonly used by ladies as per Indian culture.

Other than this the 3 bedroom house plans include many other functional requirement for the living family, which includes following

  1. Kitchen
  2. Toilet bathroom
  3. Staircase
  4. Hall
  5. Dining area (optional)

Note that all the item are designed as per your country code and municipal requirement.

Many countries follow their own rules like vastu shastra in India is largely accepted by house owner.

3 Bedroom House Plans Photos

3 bedroom house plan civil panel
3 bedroom house plan
3 bedroom house plans civil Panel

3 bedroom house plans

Here is second Plan

Floor plan of this 3 bedroom House plan 3bhk

This House plan is suitable if the open garden is available in front of house building. Because the house is operable in two direction which looks beautiful if two sides have road.

You can opt many of other images for beautiful front elevation.

3 bedroom house plans CIVIL PANEL

3 bedroom house plans Source: Google
3 bedroom house plans CIVIL PANEL

3 bedroom house plans Source: Google
3 bedroom house plans CIVIL PANEL

3 bedroom house plans source: Google

Note that all the construction work require architectural and structural engineering drawing as per loading condition so that your construction will looks beautiful and remain safe forever.

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